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Squat Challenge | Day.11

So, the squat challenge is underway, Day.11 and 550 squats down!  We are doing 50 a day for 30 days and I am loving how much support there has been as well.  I invited three people to do it and there are about eight doing it with me, and several people caught onto a few other people – so there is like an extended squatting network going on right now!  I absolutely LOVE IT! 

I have actually already begun thinking about out / my September challenge and about half of the current “challengers” are going to continue the journey with me.  The plan is to actually add another challenge on, but continue doing the current challenge as well.  This will serve as sort of a foundation so I can stay active. My goal to to maintain my level of activity and gradually build it up, as to not overwhelm myself and make it seem like it is a chore.  Also, I learned from my 90-day challenge that when I do not have an active challenge going on, it is SO HARD to stay motivated, so I pretty much just halted all exercises once that concluded in April.

Anywho, I look forward to seeing the progress through these next weeks and next months really, as I add more things in.

Forever evolving.

>Humbly submitted<<    ~Mai


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