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Details regarding events surrounding my book launch:

02/22/22 | First Orders have been sent out! The rest will be getting sent out later this week!

02/18/22 | The books came in ya’ll I am sooooo excited!

02/17/22 | Books should be in tomorrow 02/18, mailing envelopes purchased, and confirmed venue for “soft family” launch. Uploaded eBook to Amazon, working on paperback and author page. Once images are received – my page can go live on Amazon 🙂

02/15/22 | Headshot & Book promo photo shoot.

02/13/22 | Business lunch with Illustrator, shared the book & interviewed her about her process (videos coming soon!)

02/12/22 | Met with PR connect to discuss press release & media kits.

02/07/22 | Reviewed updated proofs, confirmed and placed bulk order! ETA – books should be to be approximately by 02/24 or 02/25. Currently planning out events for the book launch. Will provide tentative dates, venues, and details by end of week.

02/06/22 | Received LOCC#! Updated files and resubmitted to printer.

02/05/22 | Received Author copies! A few things need to be updated, reached out to book designer to discuss fixes.

02/03/22 | Still waiting to get my author copies to see if I will be able to host any events for Black Children’s Book Week (02/27/22 – 03/05/22). I would at least like to do a live reading of the book and talk about it, answer a few questions. The video will not be recorded, you have to catch it LIVE. Have an update regarding the printing…

Printing Update: The printer is dealing with labor shortages and supply chain issues due to the pandemic. Thank you for your continued patience!

01/22/22 | Had a great raffle drawing, again, I set the bar low expecting no more than 1 or 2 people to join my first IG live and surpassed that as well. We drew the 4 winners and also drew 2 back ups just in case something happened.

Congratulations Giveaway Winners (Nellie Mae, Mae Mae, Nina, Maureen)

01/20/22 | Received final files and uploaded to Printer. Was able to order my Authors copies. Estimated time of arrival: 10 business days, or the end of the first week of February.

01/19/22 | Pre-Order Period Ended and I surpassed my meager milestone (sell 35 pre-orders)! Raffle Drawing will take place Live on @OnMamasBack IG on Saturday at 2p. See you there!

12/22/2021 | Still have orders trickling in and only a few more left until the first 35 pre-orders are off the table. Several folks have ordered multiple, but also I know there are several that will be making purchases at the end of the year/beginning on the new year.

Next Steps: Focus on LLC paperwork as well as working with my book designer to get the final manuscript. Continuing to research and determine how much I will focus on physically marketing my book around the area and just allowing direct to consumer ship and allow them to take on the shipping & off my plate.

12/19/2021 | Success! Pre-order went off smoothly and within 2 hours, we reached half of our first 35 orders that get extra opportunities for the raffle as well as a small gift! Thank you to all who have placed their order as well as shared the info on their page(s).

12/17/2021 | Yay, everything is coming to focus and I am excited to get the ball rolling as far as getting this book in everyone’s hands. Items have been set up in all my accounts, all of the images were sent to book designer, crossing my fingers the covers are finished on time. Just about 24 hours left!

12/13/2021 | Finally got my domain name up & running! Got my payment account set up. Now I just have to finalize the items for pre-order. Still awaiting the finalized cover – it has been pushed back several times, and I am just ready to see it complete!

12/12/2021 | ONE WEEK left until pre-orders become available. Be one of the first 35 to get double the ticket entries (up to 10 per individual and up to 50 per organization) Stay tuned for more updates: IG: onmamasback FB: On Mama’s Back Book Release Page

12/8/2021 | Finalizing my preps for pre-order & getting things organized for the raffle drawing. Settling on some last details for the LLC as well as preparing my press releases for dispersing. 10 more days until pre-order!

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