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8.1.18 | New 30-day challenge!

So, I have been on a hiatus, I took some time off of social media as I do periodically and it was great while it lasted!

Now, I am back on & am jumping into another challenge & have some new recruits joining with me.  I will most likely try to record and upload daily for accountability purposes & so I can look back and see my personal growth / journey.

If anyone else wants to join us, my friends, family and I will be dong 50 squats a day.  Any time, and way, any method, as long as it is daily and you do at least 50.  I am going to start out really simple with basic squats & do as much as I can in the a.m. before I shower & go to work, and only do what I have left over when I get back from work.  Honestly, the goal is to get all 50 done at the beginning of the day.

I am definitely going to stretch tonight, make sure I am limber again.  I fell ALL the way off after my last 90-day challenge and am still psychoanalyzing myself how I can be SO DISCIPLINED once whatever innate on-switch is turned on, and completely apathetic when the switch is off.  Do I have to actually challenge myself, compete with myself, in order to reach my goals?  Not quite sure, but I am still mulling it over to make sure I am getting the most out of this life by understanding and figuring myself out as I continue to evolve.

T-Minus 7 hours until day #1…

~Humbly submitted *Mai*


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