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Pre-Order The Adventures of Taco the Great: Taco Joins the Race! 09/26/2023 @ 8:00am PST – 10/08/2023 @ 11:59pm PST

Pre-order On Mama’s Back: 19 December 2021 – 19 January 2022 HAS CLOSED!

After a very long year of overcoming obstacles, a multitude of delays, and a serious infusion of personal cash… FINALLY, the book is on its way! Once received, I can ensure the book is good to go. If there are no issues nor changes needed, we should be able to begin shipping your orders as early as mid next week! The paperback and e-book will be time to be released on the same date. Please continue to check back for updates, fun activities, as well as upcoming titles (we have 7 more books in the works that we know you will enjoy!)

On Mama’s Back Children’s Book, Written by Annette McKinney


To kick off the production of the book, we took pre-orders of the physical book with some awesome upgrades and prizes for those that ordered first. The pre-order period ended on my 35th birthday (01/19), & the first 35 pre-orders received got an automatic upgrade. The first 50 also received an additional entry to the drawing. This weekend, we will raffle off awesome prizes, which will be announced prior to the raffle drawing.

Each pre-order includes one (1) raffle ticket for the drawing. If you order multiple books – you should have received an additional raffle ticket for each physical copy ordered (up to five per person / per organization). Each ticket will constitute one entry to the raffle drawing. The raffle drawing was held live on January 22, 2022 at 2pm PST on Instagram (@onmamasback). Winners were drawn and announced during the live session, please visit the page to view the re-play!

The costs of the pre-order are intended to cover the cost of the physical book, taxes, + shipping costs. All customers that have pre-ordered the book are also able to donate an additional $10 for more entries (up to 5 tickets cap, but there is no cap to the amount you can donate!). Any additional monies donated on top of that is greatly appreciated, but will not result in additional tickets.

Thank you for placing your order between December 19, 2021 – January 19, 2022 @ 11:59p PST to claim your tickets! Although the pre-order period has ended, you can always choose to donate or come back at the end of February after the book is in print, to place your order.

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