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August’s Squat Challenge was a success and my booty is 1,500 squats stronger!  My daughter even joined a number of days and completed over 100 squats with me on her own volition!  Such a beautiful secondary gain to being active and making the effort is the spark that others are able to draw on; our children, family, and friends.

I started doing challenges earlier this year and this one I just reached out and asked a few people if they wanted to join in with me.  A staggering 10 people completed the challenge with me yesterday, and as of today – the group I created to house the monthly challenges has 23 members.  I am so ecstatic to have such a large group of supporters and accountability partners!

I needed to be sure that I could post daily on FB before I jumped back on here, and I think for this challenge, I will also challenge myself to be sure to post on my blog in tandem with my FB posts.  

So cheers to another challenge… another day… another month… another opportunity to perfect myself, gain increased strength, focus on my health, and refine my level of discipline.  If you decided to join in, comment and let me know how you are doing.  First post tomorrow will break down the image you see below.

>Humbly & Respectfully submitted<<       ~Mai

Challenge Calendar_Day0

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