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Day.77 | #Igot5onit99

Oh man, today was a day!

It was supposed to be my homework day, but today I feel like I failed as a parent, lol.

She threw up (reason still undetermined, possibly putting her hand too far down her throat because she is teething something fierce & knawing on her fingers is her best option apparently).  She is not sick and she did not do it again all day.  Very energetic, not overheated, no runny nose, no coughing, no diarrhea. 

Tried putting her down for a nap, she would not sleep.  Check on her.. Oh, it looks like your ENTIRE HAND IS COVERED IN POOP… Oh, there is some half an inch from your upper lip, did you eat it or try to shove it up your nose? (thankfully, none made it to her mouth, still washed her mouth out as well).

Grab the bucket & fill it with warm water.  Sit her over the toilet & pour the water over her little rear end to get all the poop off & finish with wiping / drying with toilet tissue.  Place her on the floor so I can flush toilet and then wash my hands.   Oh, what, you’re peeing all over the floor?


So, now I have to put her in the tub, go wash my hands, use Clorox wipes to clean up the pee, then wash her lower half in the tub (among her alphabet mat that we had to wash the puke off of not even an hour earlier). 

Great, so now she is clean – immediately put on a diaper & release her to run up and down the house.  Whew, what a day – glad the craziness is over.


She actually naps for a little over an hour and upon getting her, her pants were off & yes, she leaked through her onesie, tiny baby shorts, & needs to be cleaned yet again.  But that is it, it’s late, she will eat dinner and wind down to sleep, no more situations.


Not even a couple hours later, she climbs up on her toy box, reaches up for a toy, which falls onto her head.  Great, now she has a little knot.  No crying, just vigorous rubbing and slight confusion on her part.  Not too bad, but that is it, noooo more today!


Last trip to the potty so she can sit on her own mini toilet and try to go pee.  Get into the bathroom & I walk towards her potty to get it ready.  After 2 steps, I look back just in time to see her fall with her mouth open and what happened?  Yes, she bit her lip with one of her only 10 teeth and now she is bleeding.

What in the hell is this craziness of today?  I am too sore for this.  My entire body is still aching from the over exertion of the 5K mud run (which was utterly cold & did not help with my recovery). But she is down at the moment, and I am praying for a quiet, dry, and restful sleep for all parties.

Meanwhile, homework did not get done today. *sigh*  will try to squeeze it in tomorrow right after (or before) physical therapy. Today was one for the books! 

Respectfully and humbly submitted    ~Mai

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