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Race Day! Mud Run – Day.76

So, today’s workout was actually enough of a work-out for the entire weekend to be honest!  

My mother and I completed the 5K Mud-Run, which, is basically an hour or so worth of boot camp.  The course was riddled with rope climbing, huge mounds of dirt, at least half a dozen pools of MUDDY (quick sand feeling mud), water that you either had to crawl through a maze, climb up and over something, or simply dunk your head all the way under in order to get through.  Then there were the huge beam like things that you had to climb over.  


Needless to say, I am super sore and I took a serious nap after I showered early this afternoon when I got home.

I was actually originally a little bummed that we were in the first early 9am race, because there was SO MUCH fog & clouds, so it was definitely cold, especially after.  But, when we finished and were heading home at 11 something and saw the sun never came out today, I was actually really glad to have gotten it done early. 

This is the second run I completed with my mother, the other run we did a few years back was the Wipeout Run (you know, the show with the big red balls?).  That was SUPER fun!  This was definitely fun as well, just much more of a challenge, especially being post baby.  I enjoyed it and I am sure my body will thank me.. in a week or so once the soreness wears off.  

Although I did not do my typical work-out, today was still a success because I got a serious workout in, and literally used all the muscles in my body to get through the obstacles.  Not to mention, the host playing music and leading some stretches while we were lined up and ready to go.  

There was not anyone we knew there to take our pictures, but if they end up posting pictures in the next few days, I will post some on here.  Below is the official video:

Respectfully & Humbly submitted    ~Mai


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