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#Igot5onit99 | Day.75

Completed my workout early today so I can knock out this blog and get to bed much earlier.  We have the race SUPER early in the morning tomorrow, so I definitely want to maximize on my sleep tonight!

I am not sure I am physically ready for the intensity of this run / obstacle course, but here we go!

Got out of work early today, which was perfect, I was able to grab my racing specs & pre-register for my mother and I.  Still trying to figure out what I am going to wear?…

In other news, this should be a huge weekend for getting a LOT of work knocked out & hopefully schedule that meeting with my Professor to go over my business plan with a fine toothed comb.  If I can work it to be a non-profit that I own and still be able to get my loans forgiven after working there for 10 years, that would be ideal. 

2018 = 5 million!!!

Second half of challenge totals:

  • 520 each of: 
    • push ups
    • squats
    • calf raises
    • (seconds) holding plank
    • (seconds) holding yoga pose
  • 185 minutes stretching
  • 130 minutes deep breathing

Totals for day 75/99:

  • 1160 push-ups (+2 for the “Level up” #1)
  • 1160 squats & 180 seconds holding seated squat
  • 350 plank rotations (+20 for the “Level Up #2)
  • 720 seconds holding forearm plank
  • 910+ seconds holding yoga pose (Tittibhasana)
  • 795 calf raises
  • 325 minutes of deep breathing (+20 for the “Level Up #3)
  • 215 minutes of stretching

Level Up #1 | Level Up #2 | Level Up #3 | Level Up #4 | Level Up #5 | Level Up #6 |      Level Up #7| Level Up #8 | 

>>Respectfully submitted & Always thankful<<    ~Mai

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