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#igot5onit99 | Day 11

Oh yes, today was one of those days where it was just a little chillier outside of the blankets than my sleepy body/mind could overcome.  The snooze button maxed out this morning and I slid out of bed early enough for the mere fact that I needed to relieve myself.  I turned on the heater on my way to the bathroom, so by the time I got back to the room – I was able to start my exercises without a robe on.  Push-ups and squats were completed relatively easily, just a small soreness in my left knee towards the 12th squat and beyond.  Then, it was time for the planks and my poor body was not ready for these this morning! They were just really difficult for one reason or another, quite possibly due to my extended amount these past two days.

I believe I already mentioned that I follow some health, fitness, nutrition, etc. pages on my social media accounts.  There are actually quite a few of them that are friends, prior colleagues, or classmates of mine – but I digress… One woman who has a fitness business with her husband posted a reminder that for women, it can be very detrimental to weigh yourself and stay in the mirror for the first 30-45 days of any new diet / exercise regimen.  Simply for the fact that with cycles, bloating, and recent post-partum bodies, they fluctuate like CRAZY.  You will drive yourself mad when you do not see the type of results that you either feel (you feel better, more energized, stronger, etc.), or feel like you should have earned / gained by now.  Not to mention, you may have lost excess fat – but also gained more muscle, doing something of a balancing act on the scales.  In addition, every woman’s body is soooo different, so areas you may be focused on trying to lose the weight, it may have shed elsewhere.  

I share this because (maybe I am just delusional these days…) but I seem to recall being able to gain “definition” much more quickly in my early adulthood.  I mean, I used to exercise incessantly, but if I had an off couple of weeks due to finals, sickness, (insert other crazy event living as a young woman in l.a. with no car here…) I feel like after 2 workout sessions, my abs and calves were crispy again.  These days, as I look at myself in the mirror, or just look “down” – it seems to be taking much longer than I recall.  Now thankfully, I smile and move on with my day, happy that I am finally doing something about it. But as a woman, an ex-athlete, a petite framed individual – I have to constantly remind myself that I essentially took close to three years off, I co-created a human life, and I am in my thirties now.  The air looks different up here & so does my body, lol.

I am challenging myself daily to remember I am doing this to be healthy & physically feel better and stronger each day, more than how I look externally.  Outward appearances will come as it comes in the way my unique body expresses optimum health AND that this unique expression may not be the ideal promoted through mainstream.  

But here I am, day #11 down & early awaiting the next 88 🙂

Day#11 was a success!  1.25.18 = Complete

Most Difficult:  Planks # 8-10, I was seriously struggling on these last few!  Currently Feeling: Pretty good, my back has been acting right for the most part today, only a tiny bit of left knee pain with this cold weather.  No headache and I am feeling energized!

Totals for day 11/99:

120 push-ups (+2 for the “Level up)

120 squats

65 plank rotations

65 seconds holding yoga pose (Tittibhasana)

55 minutes of deep breathing

>>Respectfully submitted & Always thankful<<    ~Mai

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Those moments…

You know, it was a tremendously scary thing to leave my stable full-time job, but I knew it had to be done…

I had to be more present with this little person…

Had to take a look at what is truly important in my life…

My logic and intuition necessitated that I review what is important to my family and I…

But… I did it.

We are here now…

I will not look back… 

Mommy loves you J.F.C 🙂

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#igot5onit | Day#10

I completed my workout first thing in the morning as usual and I felt good the rest of the day.  I do not know if I would be as successful doing this daily if I waited until say, now, to get it done.  The only thing I do before I jump onto my yoga mat is go to the restroom.  I set myself up for success by putting my yoga mat at the foot of my bed.  It is the first thing I see as I go the bathroom and when I return, it catches my eye & I just tell myself better now than later!

Hey, whatever works 🙂

So today was the first day on the new sets (15 each of push-up & squats; 10 plank holds, 10 seconds of the yoga pose, and I maintained the 5 minutes of deep breathing).  To be honest, I felt pretty good with the minor boosted sets.  I do think it could be beneficial to even wake up about 15 minutes earlier to ensure I am not rushing to get ready for work on the tail end.

I am kind of reticent in taking & posting my “pre” pictures, I feel like I need to get a little closer to where I want to be before posting.  I have not been able to shake the morning and evening stomach bloat since I gave birth & it is still hard to see extra handles where a once flat torso used to be if I am being honest.

I would like to get to the point where I either have a YouTube channel to track my progress, or just wait until I finish the 99 days to share my progress in video format?  Maybe I will continue recording once I hit my 18th day (2nd 9-day “Level up”) challenge… 

Day#10 was a success!  1.24.18 = Complete

Most Difficult:  Holding the Tittibhasana pose… I had to reset about 4 times, but I am still working on it!  Currently Feeling: Good! (outside of the typical random back pain). Went and dropped off my pregnancy pillow to my sis & still got back early enough to get this done before midnight 🙂

Totals for day 10/99:

105 push-ups (+2 for the “Level up)

105 squats

55 plank rotations

55 seconds holding yoga pose (Tittibhasana)

50 minutes of deep breathing

>>Respectfully submitted & Always thankful<<    ~Mai

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igot5onit99 | Day#9

YES!  I reached the first milestone in my challenge, the first 9 days of the 99 day challenge.

So, today has been kind of a busy one and I ended up having a bit of a headache when I got back from grocery shopping.  Maybe because work was a little busy & dealing with traffic to and from the store?  Either way, I was able to rest some and Nui grabbed dinner on his way home (you the real MVP!).

Having successfully completed the first set of “9 days” in this challenge has been monumental for me, because I feel as if I have calibrated myself back to a healthier trajectory.  Starting with a 10 day fast, transitioning into a free week pass at a local gym, and jump starting this challenge has kept me on my toes in such a great way.

These past few months have really been about making difficult choices in choosing my health over comfort & really starting from scratch.  I left my stable full-time job with awesome co-workers (for the most part) and pretty decent pay – to working part time, decreasing my pay by over 50%, to open up my time.  This was to spend more time with my daughter and focus on getting my business plans completed.  I am over working for someone else when I know I have it in me to build a great business & do what I enjoy & why I am paying back thousands of student loan debt.  With my business plan progress (11.1.17), chopping off my hair (9.18.17), getting started with this blog (1.11.18), back to reading more frequently (1.1.18) and getting on my health & fitness (1.5.18) – I am very happy at the progress I have made and am making.  The only one that has a “concrete” goal is my business plan, which I anticipate being completed before the end of the summer this year.  The other three are just starting points for things that I hope to maintain and build upon as the days and weeks progress.  I want to be able to say, “this was the moment in my life I made a decision & moved forward on that w/o looking back and moving backwards.” 

With that said, before I began this challenge, I told myself that every 9 days – I would do a mini-challenge & then increase my daily commitments, but only by a small amount.  Again, my goal of this 99-day challenge is to simply develop and maintain positive daily habits & getting active.  Once this challenge is completed, only then will I jump into the heavy artillery of free weights, body training, iso & plyometric exercises. 


img_20180123_132948_274.jpgI put on my social media pages the following image. In short, it calls on them to decide the mini-challenge for me.  In hindsight, it kind of looks like I was asking for them to do the exercises opposed to them choosing them for me.  So with 600 friends on Facebook & 100 on IG (I am very selective of who has access to my personal life), I only got 2 likes and a request that they be push-ups.  So I am only doing an extra 2 push-ups tomorrow (yes!). 

Leveling Up

So, I am currently daily doing:

  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 squats
  • 5 plank rotations
  • 5 seconds holding yoga pose (Tittibhasana)
  • 5 minutes of deep breathing Level-Up

And I am going to raise the bar to daily:

  • 15 push-ups
  • 15 squats
  • 10 plank rotations
  • 10 seconds holding yoga pose (Tittibhasana)
  • 5 minutes of deep breathing

Here we go!

Day#9 was a success!  1.23.18 = Complete

Most Difficult:  It was actually the planks today.  For some reason, pushing myself back up and holding was making me a little winded.  Currently Feeling: Much better, I think I slacked on my water intake yesterday, so my body is recovering from being dehydrated some. Hope to hit the pillow before 11:15 p.m.


90 push-ups

90 squats

45 plank rotations

45 seconds holding yoga pose (Tittibhasana)

45 minutes of deep breathing

>>Respectfully submitted & Always thankful<<    ~Mai

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#igot5onit99 | Day#8

Back at home and blogging from my computer feels so much better! I appreciate the feeling of sitting at a desk and having a big screen to project onto, for me, it is this little thing that helps keep me motivated.

More on Motivation…

I have to say, mis compadres / familia who have joined me on this journey have absolutely kept me going stronger & staying accountable.  I feel (in a good & healthy way…) pressure to stay on my ish because they decided to join ME on this journey and I feel like I am getting such a reward for sojourning down this path with two other women trying to be their best selves.  I say it is a temporary one, because I know by the 99th day, the journey through discovering their best selves that they continue to embark upon will be an internal one traversed within.

Micro Goals

I think the greatest thing about setting these little goals are that it builds up a memory bank of successes to draw from when challenges require failure after failure to perfect the process towards success.  I am still working on my business, but much more slowly as I know that this class starting at the jump of the month is going to help frame what I need to do to get it off the ground.  I have failed to work on it daily as I initially set out to do, but failure to be on top of that has allowed me to reorganize my time to get this challenge underway, research a new diet overhaul for my family, as well as get my monthly reading down.  I was able to adjust my focus on what made sense for where I am at.  Now, I am at a point where I found out what works best for me, what time I need to workout, how to transition to my new schedule effortlessly.

Leveling up

Level-UpNow I am peeking over towards my 9th successful day of my #igot5onit99 challenge – which is the first major milestone for me.  I am still deciding if I am going to A) double up what I am doing or B) add another “5” to what I am doing to kick it up a notch.  I always knew I would hike up the challenge for myself after each increment of 9 – I just cannot believe it is already almost here!  Just like any exercise, it is important to start slow, master consistency, then gradually increase the challenge so that growth can continue.  I am taking the same approach to this challenge.  I will determine by tomorrow which road to take, but whichever one it is, you will get to witness how my body reacts to being shaken up again 🙂  Am I ready for this? I feel like I just got used to my choice to be active & here I am kicking it up a notch.  Hurt now, glow later.

Day#8 was a success!  1.22.18 = Complete

Most Difficult:  Getting up this morning, I was TIRED!  Currently Feeling: Just wanting to lay around the house and rest.  I feel my shoulders, but like on the inside / frontal region where the skin folds as you press your elbows to touch your sides.


80 push-ups

80 squats

40 plank rotations

40 seconds holding yoga pose (Tittibhasana)

40 minutes of deep breathing

>>Respectfully submitted & Always thankful<<    ~Mai

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31 & Beyond… | A tale of the Weekend

So, it was the most difficult thing leaving my daughter for the first time & come this morning, I was too hyped to get home to see this little girl. It broke my heart to see her little tears fall as she hugged tightly to my shirt & laid her head on my chest, telling me w/o words that I better NOT think about leaving her that long again! But I know she had an AMAZING time with LoLa – my mother has such a way with children 🙂

BUT – this weekend though? Awww man, it was beyond what I could have imagined, even though there were a couple of small hiccups (YELP is FIRED!) the good made the small challenges melt away.


Downtown Los Angeles. A city I spent many years traversing through my growing pains, but did not spend too much in the city center as I did this trip. I was practically a tourist in a city I called home & living through experiences I never though I would right there.

We stayed at the OMNI Hotel, which was O.K. – for the price-point, the Kimpton in La Jolla & the Signature (Grand) Penthouse in Vegas were much nicer & more our style. BUT, it had the proximity that we were interested in for the main reason we were there.




The Orchestra we went to see was the Final Fantasy Symphony for the 30th Anniversary – and it was sooo amazing! I am unsure if you all are familiar with the show, “Mozart in the Jungle” or if you ever saw Mickey Mouse Fantasia, but these are a few of the influences that let me know this was a definite bucket list thing I needed to do. I may have mentioned it to Nuineb once and just like that – he planned it and it took my breath away!




In my birthday dinner post – I showed you our Ethiopian meal, which was deslish! But, the Vegan brunch we had Saturday afternoon was so outstanding, we are still talking about it, and trying to plan another trip out there to get some more! If you all ever find yourself in Downtown L.A. – please do your stomach a solid and grab a bite or two:

Beelman’s Brunch!
His Drink
Her Drink
#igot5onit99- our food#
Vegan! Pretzel Bun 🙂
Vegan Chili Cheese Tots
Impossible is Nothing “Muhammed Ali”

This morning, we grabbed breakfast and some vitamins from one of my other favorite destinations in L.A. “Simply Wholesome”. I forgot to take a pic before I jumped in, but this was the last bite!

To add, we stopped by the beach on our way home and basked in the sun, in awe of creation. Timeless is the beach…





All I can say is THANK YOU soooo much to my fiance for planning this all out, footing 99% of the trip, and truly taking the time & putting in the effort to making this a memorable and special trip for me. Stepping into my 31st year was probably the most I have celebrated a b-day, as I have never been one to make a big fuss, throw myself a party, and have always downplayed it so others will not do anything either. Irregardless, he simply let me know that it is just another opportunity to express his support and appreciation for the life that we are building. 2018 has already taken me to a Distant World and I cannot wait to see how many more worlds we will unlock next..

I am all smiles!

(p.s. all photos taken by Nui or I)

> Respectfully and Humbly Submitted<< ~Mai

Post a.m. #igot5onit99 workout in hotel room, please excuse the messy bed!
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#igot5onit99 | Day#7 Pt. 2

WOW!  It was such an amazing a beautiful time this weekend, spending time with my fiance and just to get away.  We both were able to cross something off of our bucket list by attending a live Orchestra at the Downtown L.A. Microsoft Theater.  It was TRULY an amazing experience, and I look forward to the next one down the line.  I will delve into the details in my next post now that I am home!

It was DEFINITELY a tad more challenging to complete my 99 day challenge and I actually initially thought to improvise & did not get the chance to record it.  On Saturday (the day of the show), we woke up super late since we got back in super late, and basically had to rush to get ready to hit the (SUPER BOMB) Vegan brunch spot.  So I thought about it and we decided to walk (hey, can also check out the Women’s March on the way) & it was a solid 15 minute walk one-way and there were hills.  I figured I could adjust today’s #igot5onit99 challenge to focus on brisk walking instead of my typical 5 exercise regimen.  Don’t get me wrong, it was indeed a little bit to get the heart-rate up, but I honestly did not fee like I had completely stayed true to what I initially set out to do.  That being said, I decided today to complete two sets to stay on track.  If you did not get the opportunity, the initial post is here.  I was out and only used the app, so I was unable to do the standard f/u tracking that I had been doing my previous posts.  \

I definitely feel much better having done the two sets today & do not think I will deviate from this moving forward.  I still have so much more to work on, especially as it deals with form & muscle memory, so I want to continue this trajectory towards perfecting the simple & go from there.  

The beautiful struggle continues!

Today was a success 1.21.18 = Completed 2 sets!


70 push-ups

70 squats

35 plank rotations

35 seconds holding yoga pose (Tittibhasana)

35 minutes of deep breathing

>Respectfully submitted & Always Thankful!   << ~Mai


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#igot5onit99 | Day#7

Well, I could talk about it, or I can show you. You can see here how I am still working on my form with everything except for the squats really. The deep breating, I normally do with my legs up the wall, but not in this hotel room. Its hard to watch this (first video taken of working out since my baby was born), I have to stop myself from picking it apart, my gut and hips spilling out of my pants… Then I remember, I gave birth, I’m working on everything slowly and it will take time. May we all continue to push through our goals and past the insecurities that debilitate us!

Will check back in once I am home 😁

》Respectfully Submitted & Abundantly Grateful《 ~Mai

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Birthday Meal | 1.19.18

When in L.A. I have to visit my favorite Ethiopian Restaurant, Merkatos! The service left much to be desired, but the food never disappoints, similarly nor does the company. Nuineb, thank you for spoiling me, making this weekend possible, and reminding me how much more I can grow with each time I am in your company. More about this trip when we are done experiencing its beauty 😊

》Respectfully submitted & Forever Thankful《

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#igot5onit99 | Day5, Birthday Edition!

I’m on my way outta town to celebrate my birthday and cross something off of my “bucket list.”

We are going to see a live orchestra & I am thankful to have this opportunity. To be honest, nothing about this day went as planned and there were serious moments of frustration. I went to bed around 2am, woke up late, rushed in the morning, got picked up late after work, left 3 hours later than planned… but all those things are trivial.

When I think about having a home full of caring people and positivity. Having relatively good health and the resources to get closer to that everyday, such as this challenge! My co-workers surprising me with lunch, my mother watching my daughter for free and spending quality time teaching and supporting her development. Having the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with my fiance, something that has been in limited supply since our daughter arrived.

On top of that, I have an amazing support system in my personal growth and development both from a fitness and business perspective.

So, I was able to turn the frustration into acceptance and enjoy my last hour with baby girl before we headed out! It can be too easy to forget the blessings when focused on a little hiccup that is designed to teach a lesson. I am thankful to have an easygoing and level headed partner that reminds me to chill the Fuddruckers out and that everything is o.k.!

In other news…

We are going to get my favorite Ethiopian food tonight and I am too stoked, it has been a while! I will show you all pictures on another post 😁

Today was a success 1.19.18 = Complete


50 push-ups

50 squats

25 plank rotations

25 seconds holding yoga pose

25 minutes of deep breathing

>>Respectfully submitted & Extra Thankful for another Year! << ~Mai

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#igot5onit99 | Day#4

Today was a very cloudy and cool day and I wonder if it contributed to my level of sluggishness?  Well today’s exercises went well, except I noticed (maybe also due to the weather), I have been feeling my left knee a lot more lately.  I have been slacking on getting that physical therapy appointment confirmed – let’s add that to the list of things to do …soon-ish…  

I have had this feeling lately that there is going to be a huge event happen in my life and I cannot tell if it is going to be (immediately) positive or challenging (delayed positivity), so I am just trying to go about my day and focus on the present.  Not focusing on any of that at this moment in time because I am only putting positive things out in the atmosphere in the form of gratitude for having successfully completed 31 years as of early tomorrow morning.  When I was just a child, I never understood why adults always commented on “how time flies” because back then, time always seemed to go pretty slowly. 

Fast forward to today at work.  The office manager was playing music, and a song that I recalled hearing almost DAILY while we were swimming in the summertime came on.  It brought me back instantly.  The overly bleached water, closing my nostrils with my fingers and jumping into a back flip in the pool.  When did that song come out? Oh, just 1997! Has 21 years already passed since then? After a lively conversation about time, the past, genres of music, I just sat there captivated by the flooded memories of my “youth.”  I cannot believe how it seemed like that was just a blink ago – while at the same time memories of instances that seemed like they would never end (being in trouble, eating veggies, being sick) too populated the cranium.  

Well, here’s to another beautiful day with the family and an opportunity to take a quick nap before jumping on trip preparations.


Progress | 1.18.18 = Completed!

Biggest struggle: Waking up today! I just kept on pressing that snooze button.

I am feeling: Tired and behind in packing and getting ready for this trip.

Totals after day 4/99:

  1. 40 push-ups
  2. 40 squats
  3. 20 plank rotations
  4. 20 seconds holding the firefly pose (Tittibhasana)
  5. 20 minutes of deep breathing

Respectfully submitted & Always thankful<<   ~Mai

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#igot5onit99 | Day#3

Solidifying the Habit!

According to this app that I recently started using (Fabulous I think…) it speaks about making something a habit by completing the activity three days in a row.  I am very pleased to have had a successful third day at this challenge.  What’s even better, my family is right there alongside me (shoutout to Chelsea really staying on top of it!).  No but for real, the support & accountability is life changing.

Not only did I complete my #igot5onit99 challenge, I was able to finish off the last day of my free 1 week gym pass by destroying my legs.  To add insult to injury, you exit the building and have to travel DOWNSTAIRS to the parking lot.  When I tell you that jelly does nothing to describe the state of my legs, hopefully it is a better picture of where my body is at right now.  I think what put it over the top was the 4 sets of squat holds I did, but with a 10-15 lb medicine ball. Why?  Then, I also had to use the restroom, but why does this matter?  Oh right, because I squat & do not sit on public toilets.  So, in short – I feel accomplished & scared at the same time, will I be able to walk tomorrow? 

Random Google image to show exercise…

I think a huge trial for me is going to be maintaining my daily challenge this weekend when I am out of town.  If anyone has any tips, I would LOVE to hear them.  Leaving out right outta work on Friday 🙂

Today’s Workout:

I started with several minutes of biking as hard as I could pedal, then I did 4 sets of 8 reps on the machines pictured below.  I ended with the weighted wall squats (above) & deep stretching.

Another trend I have been noticing on the social media platform is this push towards not following people that make you feel less than, deflated, unmotivated, etc.  It is very curious how this seems to be trending (at least around my small bubble & close connections), because it is such a good opportunity to look at balance.  On one hand, no – you do not want to be obsessive about the next person, or rather, anyone outside of yourself and what is going on in their lives.  This is especially true when you realize that many people only post their “bests.”  Their best photo out of the 60+ they took.  The best meals they decided to make/eat that week.  The best time they had at a specific location / vacation.  But in reality, you do not know the “L’s” they took to get to that “best,” or even how truthful that “best” is.  Additionally, basing your feelings and actions on your perception of another’s facade (more often than not), is unhealthy and illogical. 

Alternatively, it is always good to find healthy ways to motivate yourself, and sometimes, for some people – seeing others push themselves can be turned into motivation while they work on that intrinsic drive. It can serve as a reminder about what you could or should be doing.  It may make you want to tap into that thing you said you were going to do yesterday, last month, last year even.  Other times, it reminds you to reach out to them or provide a few words to motivate them, and in return, they may do the same for you when you need it. 

For me, I think I have been able to strike a good balance these days.  I have started to follow a few pages based on vegan / plant based nutrition, fitness pages, spirituality focused individuals, and truly following the growth of a few friends and family members whose stories, strength, and resolve motivate me.  I have also recruited a few people to join me & through this we are motivating one another with nutrition, fitness, and finances (nod to you Lahrell!).  I am far from my “best” and will keep my head down as I strive to seek it out.  

Progress | 1.17.18 = Completed!

Biggest struggle: Trying to focus on being present in the activity instead of thinking about all of the things I needed to do before leaving to work.  I am feeling: Awesome, supported, motivated!

Totals after day 3/99:

  1. 30 push-ups
  2. 30 squats
  3. 15 plank rotations
  4. 15 seconds holding the firefly (Tittibhasana) pose
  5. 15 minutes of deep breathing

Respectfully submitted & Always thankful<<   ~Mai

Me After today’s getting downstairs from the gym post-workout!
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Has me limping…


First day back in the gym and it was definitely harder than I remembered.  Being on the eighth day of my fast contributed heavily to the difficulty, stress, and anxiety involved in getting my feet wet.  Besides that, it has been over two and a half years since I last stepped in the gym to maintain my athleticism.  Since then, I have given birth to my now emerging toddler.  Being athletic my entire life, I have enjoyed the luxury of stepping into any gym the first time & after a few moments of getting the lay of the land, feeling at home and getting to it.   Today was not one of those days…

 I had to fight through the anxiety of teaching myself over again how the machines work without looking like a complete novice.  I had to regain knowledge and confidence in how my body works, what my limits are, and what it needs from me.  The length of time between my workouts paired with fasting had me disconnected and more connected at the same time.  It was like that first 5 minutes of an encounter with someone you once called your bestie.  The comfort set in only after some nervous gestures and elongated pauses.

Too add to the complexity of this evening’s escapade, I have become so distant from my body that recently created & sustained life.    Weight bearing activities feel much more extreme because although I have circled back to my pre-pregnancy weight, my body is just… different.  How I walk, how I am proportioned, and even how my mind works are aspects that never reverted.  Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely a beautiful thing and a blessing!  I only say this to paint a picture of all the ways the fit and confident athletic woman that once was me, is a simple memory tucked in the back of my mind where only I can still see.  

On the next turn of the page, I am humbled and thankful that although much later than I anticipated, I DID IT! I STARTED! I GOT UP and I MOVED! I knew just how important it was to give my body a legitimate rest after having a child (it takes at least nine months to create a child we should give our bodies at least that long to HEAL).  This “snap back” fad is so detrimental, women are engaging in unhealthy actions too early for the sake of “getting back” without understanding your body does not ever go back.  It has transformed, it has done what it was designed to do – so you (including your body) will not be the same. 

[“Snap back rant” deleted]

But, I say all of this to say – baby is peeking around the corner of a year and a half, I have had the time I needed and I am past due to realign myself with my more active self.  Sure I pick her up thousands of times a day, run after her, lunge with her, carry her – but active with baby is not the same as accelerating your heartbeat and tearing tissue to rebuild it stronger than before.  With the fast ending on Sunday and my 99-day challenge beginning on Monday, I think I am stepping into this next phase more confidently & definitely, much more sore!

>Respectfully Submitted<<   ~Mai