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#Igot5onit99 – Day 30!


Wow! Made it to the 30th day – cannot believe that it is already a third of the way complete.  Outside of this little bout of sickness, which is actually almost gone tbh, I feel stronger and better than I did 30 days ago.  Though, I do feel like, this energy MUST be spread through breathing, because my baby’s energy level is through the ceiling these days!

When I started this journey, it was really just to try something new, do something for three months straight, and see how I feel afterwards.  I never expected so many things to be falling into place so quickly.  It seems that getting things in harmony in a couple of areas has a balancing effect on other areas as well.  I am excited to continue this journey as I close the page on this first leg of the race.  

I sit here and I reflect on how I “let myself go” and “lost sight” of my goals that I was so gung ho about when I was getting my undergraduate degree.  I had so many ideas of what I thought of the road ahead of me, and to say the lest, the timeline was a tad skewed.  I just had a conversation with Pop (my father) yesterday evening and when I mentioned to him about what I am doing & shared, “I do not want to keep putting it off and then look up 20 years later still talking about the same dream.”  He reminded me that even if that is the case, he is the prime example of figuring out what you want (whenever in life it is), set your intentions, & move towards it.  He has retired from two careers (not jobs!) before age 45, will never work another day in his life, is working on his third home, and still brings in at least 3 times that of his expenses.  Pop, I am trying to get like you!  Only difference, I love working with children, so it would be an honor to work with children until I am physically unable to rummage around in the garden, teaching dancing and stretching out in the sun, and building hundreds of crafts a year. You know, when I turn 140 years old 😉

So to me, this 99-day challenge is huge because it is marking the paradigm shift & a redirection of my energies.  And to be honest, quitting my stable full-time job to work part-time w/ more freedom and time back to myself and family actually is what helped ignite this fire.  Either way, unlike when I was in my early twenties, I do not see a clear path ahead of me on how I think my life should go.  Instead, I am thankful to be on a path, humbled to be guided even if I am unsure as to where it leads, and disciplined to stay focused on ensuring I am doing all I can to stay on the path.

Day 30 = Successfully completed!

Totals for day 30/99:

  • 380 push-ups (+2 for the “Level up” #1)
  • 380 squats
    • 50 seconds holding seated squat
  • 240 plank rotations (+20 for the “Level Up #2)
    • 50 seconds holding forearm plank
  • 285+ seconds holding yoga pose (Tittibhasana)
  • 150 minutes of deep breathing (+20 for the “Level Up #3)
  • 30 calf raises

Level Up #1 | Level Up #2 | Level Up #3 | Level Up #4 | Level Up #5 | Level Up #6 |      Level Up #7 | Level Up #8 | 

>Respectfully submitted & Always thankful<<    ~Mai

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Changes.. Growth.. Maturity

[Quick follow-up: work-out completed!]

Paradigm Shift

Something happened to me around my daughter’s first birthday last Fall… I had a very real change of thought process & it forced me to really turn inwards.  Inwards in that I truly broke apart my insecurities, my own perceived shortcomings, my crutches, my dilemmas, my stagnation, and my abandoned goals.

Where was this mother I told myself I would be when I have a child?

Where is this business I told myself I would build years ago?

Who’s body is this and why am I always so tired?

Why do I say the things I say at times?… & oh my goodness, would I even accept the actions I showed to “xxx” if I was in their shoes?!

This was it, the moment that I’d needed to seize & here I am still riding out the energetic push towards my better self.  I am ever engaged in the beautiful struggle that is personal growth and transformation.  I am delicately entwined in a dance between fragile states of breaking & building, seeking a balance that will push me towards the path in which I seek.

What does this look like anyway?

Step 01: Well, it started with cutting my hair.  My baby and I chopped off all our hair and I released 10+ years of weight, emotions, parts of me that I was holding onto.. I chopped my hair off, one.. lock.. at.. a.. time..  I’d been feeling like I NEEDED to do this for months and knew that it was finally the right time.  

Step 02 was completing the yearly 10-day fast during the 2nd week of January.

Step 03 was jumping into the gym to get my feet wet & jump start my next physical challenge.

Step 04 was choosing to read at LEAST a book a month to start off slowly & just get back to my absolute love of reading.

And here I am, simultaneously still on step “0” and step “5.”  Step five is my current #iGot5onit99 challenge of being active & step “0” is Maintenance… through each step and beyond. 

| Current status | 


As I look at the progress I have made, I am thankful for carrying the resolve to do better and sticking with it, even through minor setbacks (like my recent physical challenges & emotional challenge last week).  I look at how the fast reset my diet and reiterated the importance of meal preparation to my family.  Removing my locks has shifted weight off of me and serves as a reminder that I can and will continue to redefine myself no matter how long I have chosen to stay at a particular stage in life. Being physically active is tapping into the muscle memory of what I know I am capable of and allowing my body to better heal itself and communicate imbalances with me.  Reading frequently again has opened my mind back up to the frequency of being a student of life & set the stage for this class I am enrolled in to get my business off the ground.  

Now, I did not plan all of this out from the jump.  I literally just did one and organically, thoughts and paths were presented to me & I listened.  I listened to the whispering in my dreams, the tug at my heart, and the yearnings of my body.  If you could imagine, it was like my ancestors were beckoning me to “get right” and as I began to listen, more breadcrumbs were found.  And the packaging to all of these things, are this blog – something I have been told many, many times – that I need to do & something I have been wanting to do.  To serve as my journal, a release of thought, a blueprint to this path, something I can look back to. 

Well, looking back – I can already see how far I have come & I am looking forward to pushing even further, deeper, higher.



>Respectfully & Humbly Submitted<<    ~Mai


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#Igot5onit99 | Day# 18

Wow, this week has been a whirlwind of emotions & new beginnings for me, with so many changes and transformations.  My sister is doing better, but I cannot help but feeling like I should be there with her all day!  Unfortunately, having to work & having a baby girl has made that super difficult.  If I could throw her on my back and be in the hospital with my sister, I would do that in a heartbeat – but hospital policies are ridiculously restrictive, especially with the terrible flu season that struck this year.

So, although I called out of work to focus on family & do some things for my sister, I feel like there are still many things that I was unable to get to.  I wanted to stay longer, but I knew if I stayed there, she would not have been able to rest.  Hopefully, she got some rest in when I left and before others started coming to visit her?  The struggle of the post-partum period.

On the other side of things, I got groceries for the weekend before the Superbowl craziness & I started my first class tonight after visiting my sister for the greater part of the afternoon.  I am really excited for this class (even though I said I would not go back to school after my Master’s degree…), it essentially is assisting me to do EXACTLY what I need to do in order to get my business off of the ground.  And, it is online (after tonight’s 3 hour in-class portion), and it is self-paced. So many wins… The beginning will be a struggle to get a flow, simply because I know the days I have off, I am going to want to be with my sister to help her out in whatever she needs my assistance with. 

Well, all in all it was a successful day and I was able to get my exercises accomplished, though later than I would have liked. Cannot believe I am almost approaching the second “level-up” challenge.  

I also took “before” pictures this morning (which I will not post probably until then end of the 99th day), but I am excited to see the growth and transformation.

Day#18 was  a success!  2.1.18 = Complete

  • Most Difficult:  Getting to it this morning.  I’d wanted to do it as soon as I woke up, but I had to make baby girl breakfast & hit the grocery store.  Got it it just a few minutes before beginning this post.
  • Currently Feeling: Well, I just know that I need I need to rest good tonight!

Totals for day 18/99:

  • 225 push-ups (+2 for the “Level up)
  • 225 squats
  • 135 plank rotations
  • 135 seconds holding yoga pose (Tittibhasana)
  • 90 minutes of deep breathing

>Respectfully submitted & Always thankful<<    ~Mai