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Day.21 | Clean Gut Cleanse | Final Day

Wow! I absolutely cannot believe that I am already done. The first week was definitely the hardest, but pushing through has made all of the difference.

I honestly think I could go for a few more weeks and that my body could probably do with so more cleansing, but I will take it a piece at a time.

Now to be clear, when I say DONE, this is done with Phase 1. Phase 2 is the process of slowly re-introducing foods back one at a time, and seeing if/how my body reacts upon re-introduction. Also, this is also when the daily supplements should end. I say SHOULD, because typically, you go the full 21 days taking the daily sets of supplements, which I did not do. Around day 15, a weird thing happened after taking my morning supplements. I started having frequent pulsating in the back, right lower side of my abdomen/side, seemingly where I believe my liver is at.

I obviously did my DuckDuckGo anatomy and symptom check *chuckle*. And I honestly think it boils down to the fact that I do not take ANY medications, no pills or anything, like that ever. And then jumping into taking 15 capsules a day with the cleanse just had my liver working extra hard. Needless to say, I took zero chances and stopped taking the supplements immediately. The next day the pulsing stopped and has not returned since. I took only 6 of the supplements two more days afterwards and it has not returned. I am considering that during this next 7-14 days of me re-introducing foods, I will do only 7 supplements daily to keep up the vitamins and probiotics (which is what they are). Plus, I hate to waste such good resources that also cost me quite a few dollars.

Another beautiful thing, is that there were some very tasty recipes that are super healthy and easy on the digestion that I will indeed be adding to my cooking order. I am putting together my own recipe book of things I have invented, plus things I found and love, and others I found and have made my own over the years. I absolutely love the idea of being able to pass down a recipe book to my children and hopefully grandchildren someday.

In other news, like the fatty I am, I have already planned out which delectable foods I will re-introduce over these weeks:

  1. Potatoes (more like fries, there are some loaded fries I have been craving!)
  2. Wheat (I will be making our pizza dough and pizzas this week! Will also try some cream of wheat)
  3. Sugar (We will most likely go and grab some ice-cream this weekend
  4. Cabbage family veggies (some roasted cauliflower and cabbage).
  5. Fruits (I have only been able to eat berries for 3 weeks, so I will start with an extreme one; pineapple, then honeydew, then more basic oranges and apples)
  6. Other grains (not really in a huge rush to get back to rice, but quinoa and farrow will be firsts)

I do not do dairy, coffee, meat, candy, soda already – so those will not be re-introduced. Considering possibly seeing how a swig or two of beer will effect me, but I was never a big drinker, so I am in no rush to try that out.

What I am excited to get back to, is a more consistent work out schedule. I never jumped back on when I stopped earlier in the process, and have only gone running a few times in the past 2 weeks. I know I need to get back to being more physical because I honestly do not like how and where I lost weight. I am already very slim and knew I would lose some weight, but my body tends to go overboard. This is not a humble brag – I am thin enough to where losing too much weight I begin looking sickly and that is never the goal nor a look I aspire to. I like my weight more on the healthier side and feel my best when I have a bit more in the glutes and thighs regions. So, these last 3 months of the year, I am looking to build back up more muscle since I have slimmed down pretty much to bare bones jones. I am also going to keep a similar schedules for most of the week, trying to keep to a salad in the evenings, heaviest meal mid-day, and doing much more shakes. I will flop back and forth between morning teas and the daily lemon water as well.

So, will I do this cleanse again? Absolutely! I will be much more prepared and know which recipes pair best with what and how long they take if I am in a hurry and just need to eat. But, I think my next thing will be a fast – I am thinking one in November and one in December. It was a great journey, I pushed myself to just get through it, and I am glad to be emerging from the other side. I am still waking up much more rested, my body is still pushing out toxins in the form of skin blemishes, which I welcome! I would rather them be on my skin leaving the body, then unknown causing havoc inside the body.

So, here is to another awesome week ahead and honestly a bit of celebratory goodies, while maintaining a lot of the same regimen moving forward.


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