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Day.11 | Clean Gut Cleanse

Today was a really good day and a great end to the 2nd week of homeschooling.

My daughter let me know yesterday that she wanted to go running. So we woke up early this morning and drove to the Bay to run alongside the water. Afterwards, we stopped to find a few items I had been searching for at another health food store in the area. SCORE! I found the garbanzo miso, so I am officially looking forward to trying another new recipe or two soon.

She had a playdate/learning pod meeting in the afternoon for this week. The letter is “S” and the overall theme is: Science. We whipped out the microscope this week, and her two friends got to check it out for the first time. She loves it even more because she has a white lab coat complete with goggles and a name badge that we put on moreso for the fun of it. I also want to ensure that she begins with safety even if she does not fully understand it and we do not do experiments needing such hefty safety precautions… yet.

I am still sleeping really well, had a great eating day and even tried a new recipe that was absolutely delicious. I tried the rice-free sushi, which I will definitely be having again really soon. I think next time, instead of stuffing the filling into hallowed out cucumber pieces, I will not mix the nori into it – instead, matchstick the cucumbers and wrap into the nori like the hand rolls. But it was delishious and I also made more acorn squash fries.

Breakfast and dinner were my tried and trues, just had to make more faux ranch dressing, to which I think I figured out the perfect consistency to mimic the real thing.

Halfway point of phase 1 complete and looking forward to the 2nd half. Back on my working out as well, so I am looking forward to seeing other more noticeable results as well.


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