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Clean Gut Cleanse | Day.10

I chose to take a few days off from writing to truly focus on my tasks at hand (meeting with Publisher, updating my book, planning her homeschooling, staying on top of my health). Plus two back to back birthdays among several other things. But I have not stopped, I have not faltered, I have been going strong with my cleanse and I am happy to say, we have reached double-digits! Just 11 more days left of the initial phase of ridding the body of nonsense, while repairing & replenishing the good stuff via supplements, clean eating, and removal of excess.

I have done quite a few repeat meals, and several of them have been pretty boring if I do say so myself.. But I have always maintained the lemon water, to break my fasting, shake breakfast, entree and/or soup for lunch, and a salad for dinner. There is a fish recipe that I tried and it did not come out well. It was a mix between the thick cut cod not being done enough, not enough flavor, and the flaxmeal seasoning blend not sticking to it. Those acorn squash fries were FIRE though, and I will be doing those more frequently. They are just pretty hard to cut, especially with my hand/wrist issues.

I have made the tomato soup again and it is still just as delicious as ever. I am pretty much sticking to my chocolate blueberry shake with added hemp protein for my morning shake. None of the others really compare. I will say, I used up the last of the cashew butter ($12 for a 3 inch high jar), and opted to try the sunflower seed butter ($8 for the same size jar, possibly slightly bigger). I really hope it is just as good because these shakes are so good. I also tried something I had never done before, I cooked the salmon tonight with mustard (stone ground), and I will absolutely be doing this many more times. The rest of the salmon piece will be used for my rice-free sushi recipe tomorrow which I will definitely send pictures of because I am excited for it. The mixture will be placed in hallowed out cucumbers! Just need to find some sushi ginger without sugar, I have only seed the sugar brands so far.

I have not started back exercising, but my daughter has been asking to go running today, so I think tomorrow we will go ahead and jump back into getting active. Although I was/am not aiming to lose weight, I can already see a small change in my waist. My mommy fupa has lost a bit of its puff and that, I can appreciate. So this next half of phase 1, I am looking to flatten the curve even more, possibly force those buried abs from their hiding place. Even if not, the fact that I am doing what my body needs and getting healthy from the inside out I am excited about and looking forward to seeing just how good I will feel.

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