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Clean Gut Cleanse | Day.5

Today went pretty well! The dishes I made today were actually really good. I am low key amazed at how well they turned out actually, and it also feels good to close the first week of homeschooling my daughter out on a positive note (she actually napped today, so that helped!).

My energy level was really good today, had a slightly sluggish half hour or so while I was making my (late) breakfast because I try to wait at least half an hour after I finish my warm lemon water to have my shake. Another thing I have noticed that I forgot to mention until now, is that my chest has actually been a bit sore (before you ask no… I checked twice). No stomach pains today, one stint of 3 second lightheaded spell, again, standing up too fast when I went to make my shake. I have been a bit itchy on my shins/front of lower leg area. It may be my eczema flaring up, or hopefully clearing out *crossing fingers.*

What I ate:

Breakfast: I had my favorite (so far) shake, my chocolate-covered blueberry. This has coconut milk, coconut water, cacao powder, hemp protein powder, frozen blueberries, cashew butter, spinach, less than a 1/4 tsp of stevia and I believe that is it. Really good and I love the consistency, it is less creamy and more viscous than the others.

Lunch: I made this super delicious creamy tomato soup from scratch and had never made it before, let alone had tomato soup since I was a child. There were very minimal ingredients and I could taste the hearty roasted tomatoes, but they were not one note. So even eating just a decent sized bowl of tomato soup was very enjoyable.


Dinner: I made a pretty basic salad and added some baked wild caught Alaskan salmon since that is what I made the family for dinner. I made just one small piece for myself, which was baked with just sea salt, pepper, garlic, and olive oil. Theirs was much better (I assume by the way my daughter hugged me and said, “This is the best food ever mommy.” I cannot make this up, I literally sat down to eat in tears…). But I added it to a green leaf & baby spinach base, cucumber, sunflower sprouts, avocado, and some ranch I made from a recipe in the back of the book. Now, it did not taste like the ranch I remember, so I will not call it that. But… I LOVED IT, and so did my family, including my 4-year-old! It was just raw and unsalted cashews (soaked for 4 hours in water, then drained), coconut milk, salt, pepper, celery seeds (I ran out, so I used 1/2 of what it called for, and replaced with celery salt), dried dill, garlic, lemon juice, then fresh parsley and chives just mixed in. I will likely use this dressing for the next 2-4 days of salads that I make. My fiance suggested dipping some salt & vinegar chips he has in it, so I will probably portion him out some for that.


Again, a pretty good and successful day! I will know for sure in the morning, but I am looking to start back on my working out tomorrow or Sunday after my nephew’s birthday festivities. I will say this, the more I get into this cleanse, the more I realize that I am going to adopt several of these recipes even after the cleanse has ended. They are too good not to and they are fresh and clean. I honestly may not even go back!

Well, let me not get ahead of myself. We will see how I can stay away from making bread, pizza, and my vegan heaven bars (named by my sister the first time I made them for her).

Looking forward to another good day tomorrow and will check in then!


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