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Clean Gut Cleanse | Day.4

Today was a much better day than yesterday, thank goodness! I only had a few small stomach cramps that lasted about 15-20 minutes earlier this afternoon, which has been long gone. I did have a couple dizzy spells when I tried to get up too quickly, it was actually a good reminder that it was time to make dinner. We had a play date with the 1 other non-familial quarantine/pandemic families that have a green light to our home. My daughter had an absolute blast and she finally got a break from all the boys. She is only 1 of 2 girl cousins their age in the area, and there are only 2 more in general from both me and my fiance’s siblings. So I definitely had a busy one, but I had the energy to get through it. I am actually pretty tired right now after the day, cleaning, and working on my other projects, but it still does not hold a candle to yesterday’s fatigue. With all the hustle and bustle of a play date and the other meeting this evening, I did not get the opportunity to take pictures of my meals! But I did have the following:

Breakfast: Creamy blueberry shake. It was ok, but I definitely like all the others I made earlier this week way better. I think the cashew butter pairs very well with the cacao, hemp protein, and blueberries in addition to the kale – versus just the kale and blueberries alone. I think I will go back to the shake from yesterday, but just keep the chia seed gel from today’s recipe.

Lunch: I made a garlicky frittata, with 2 cups of kale and 2 cups of spinach, garlic, and shallots. When I have made this recipe in the past, I add vegan Parmesan cheese into it a few other seasonings, and I eat it with this awesome hot sauce. I also generally have paired it with some tater tots and whatever fruit I felt like that day. So, this was definitely a more plain version, but it was OK this time around.

Dinner: I had a pretty plain salad, one that I did not get from the book, but I ensured the elements are ones that I could have. I made my own basic tahini based dressing (sugar free stone ground mustard, organic tahini (just 2 ingredients), fresh lemon juice, organic tamari), raw unsalted pumpkin seeds, organic green leaf lettuce, 1 boiled egg, cucumber, and I know there is something else I am forgetting.

At this time, I am indeed still having urges to eat sugary foods, potatoes, making my bread and pizza, as well as cake. I really hope the urges die down fast and in a hurry! I have not noticed many positive changes to my skin, hair, nails, stomach line, and strength- but I expect those will come after another week or so, especially once I get back to my 100 squats & 100 calf raises daily along with my running regimen. What I can absolutely say is that I actually wake up these days feeling rested. Even yesterday when I was fatigued, I felt like I got enough rest… if that makes sense. Maybe it is the difference between physical and mental rest?

Cheers to another new day tomorrow and an awesome weekend planned.


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