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Clean Gut Cleanse | Day.2

I would say that today was a relatively good day, for a Day.2 of a cleanse! I had to get groceries this morning and hit a couple stores for some homeschooling supplies, so I did not get anything in my stomach until noon. Not the wisest choice after running around all morning for supplies, food, and a 4-year-old.

But I MADE IT THROUGH! And I am actually a bit too energized now, after midnight.

The meals today were actually really good and I am happy to add three new very good receipts to my repertoire. Honestly, that salad was so much better than I imagined. I think I am going to have it a couple more times this week, especially since I purchased a bunch of fresh herbs for it.

Breakfast: Chocolate Mint Shake (with mint chlorophyll and hemp protein powder).

Lunch: Curry fish soup (with Cod, leeks, and fennel).

Dinner: Amazing Green Herb salad (with olives, parsley, and dill).

I am feeling really good right now, and looking forward to a less hectic start tomorrow!


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