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HomeSchool | Day.1

Have a few wrinkles to iron out, such as… waking up early. But when we did finally get to it, WE had a blast. The new items we received from her birthday yesterday absolutely helped and I am so thankful to have community.

Letter of the week: A! We wrote A’s all over about 5 pages, we made clay A’s, and she traced A’s.

Theme of the day: Ants. We made egg carton ants that we cut, painted, added googly eyes, and antennae with legs. We watched an 8 minute online video about Ants and talked about them. She learned how to spell “ant,” as well as sound out the letters of the word.

She practiced writing her name several times and we watched a LeapFrog video on Netflix about the sounds of the letters (The Letter Factory, I believe). She practiced tracing shapes as well as words in a follow-along book her Aunt got her.

We read 4 stories today and built magnet houses for her Moana, Ninja Turle, and Trolls figurines.

Then just before bed, I played the new steel tongue drum she got from her birthday, and she danced an original contemporary/interpretive dance. It was amazing, and the hubby got it on camera.

Today was a success and I am looking forward to tomorrow being the same 🙂

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