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Clean Gut Cleanse, Day.01

Whew, today was a day for the books! Day after birthday party, starting cleanse & homeschooling on same day, as well as keeping up with my current month’s challenge (100 squats and 100 calf raises daily). But, happy to say I made it through!

There were a few hiccups early on due to me waking up late with a stomach ache and having no idea exactly what I was going to be eating today, but I survived and figured it out.

The cleanse I am doing this time around, I had not done before today. This is from a book I previously read and determined that I was absolutely going to try this. It is from the “Clean Gut” book written by Dr. Junger. Without going into too much of my PHI, several of the elements discussed in the book really hit home with me and I knew if nothing else, I should give it a try. If it proves useful, I will incorporate it into my yearly fast/cleanse cycle. For the most part, my yearly cleanses are based on fasts of some sort and just cutting out one to eight things. This specific regimen not only has you cutting out most things and only having a few clean options, it provides recipes in the back (which are actually tasty). There is also a list of supplements to take, and it specifies the breakdown of which to take with what meals, what to eat for your meals, and how to come off the fast.

I do not wanna ruin the book if anyone is interested in reading (I get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from this post in the form of monetary gain or otherwise for my doing this), I simply figured that I would share my journey as I am doing it. I have actually been recording a few times a day to capture the recipes and such, but this is not the avenue that I will be sharing that on. Possibly on my Y.ou.Tube channel – I will splice some things together to take you on my journey.

Essentially, it is a 21 day cleanse, then a week or two to introduce back certain foods slowly. Breakfast is a shake (recipes in the back of book), lunch is soup, salad, and/or entree (recipes in the back), dinner is a salad. With breakfast and lunch, there are 6 supplements to take each meal, and lunch has 2. The first thing you ingest in the morning is a cup of water with juice from half a lemon, and the last thing at night is a magnesium supplement. Basically, you are stopping your ingestion of “bad” foods and potential triggers (dairy, nuts, high starches, gluten and other comment allergens), and build your gut health back up while supporting your body with tools it needs to process everything correctly.

I had an entire situation happen with me postpartum and had 2 rounds of antibiotics to take, one to fight a bad reaction to the first one, the second one giving me SEVERE side effects. Needless to say, everything was wiped out of me, I lost about 9 pounds in two weeks (and I am already only 130 wet…) and my gut was STRIPPED of everything. I had so much (vegan) yogurt, kevitas, kombucha, sauerkraut, and kimchi, but I did not think that alone would have helped me get back to a solid level of gut normalcy. I took some probiotics for women, but I still knew this cleanse will help get me much closer to where I need to be.

Day.1 down, and I am excited to sojourn down this path to healing from the inside out.

Each of these meals were actually VERY filling honestly. The only thing I finished to completion, was the salad. I feel light, I have had a small stomach ache that persisted since I woke up (not uncommon for me), and I was a bit tired mid-day, but typing this at almost 11pm, I am suddenly full of energy. Here is to wishing for the energy boost to last through the entire process and take off even after it is done.

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