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Country learning

I earned my baking wings.

For years, I’ve had an interest in baking with the full support of the internet and Pinterest at my fingertips. But alas, I could not take that step. I guess I was not as interested as I thought I was *shoulder shrug.*

Rewind to my trip to my father’s new farm and spending the summer learning what country living was truly barking. I will make another post detailing that trip – but back to the fire box… baking.

I had always wanted to expand my home maker abilities in this realm, but I feel like I was maybe a bit intimidated and felt that if I failed out the gate, my interest would cease to exist. Thankfully for me, my bonus mother is an outstanding cook, baker, home maker, artist, creator, fixer… among other awesome attributes – but back to the… baking.

I mentioned casually that I have been wanting to learn to bake and she jumped right on it saying she would love to scaffold me through the process and they were making Challah in a couple days. The day came and she called me to the kitchen to assist, I thought.

Wrong. I was going to be the one doing it.

Well, I made my first bread (first image top right) which turned out amazing and I have been honing in on my craft ever since. Granted, she LITERALLY was right there walking me through the entire process and practically had everything laid out for me to just focus on the process.

Challah, French Bread, croutons, garlic bread, pizza, and the newest video she shared with me – blueberry scones. I am looking forward to life after the cleanse when I can dabble back in the goupy flour mess. Alas, a cleanse is calling my name. So, until the end of the year – Friday will be my last bread making hurrah as I make pizza with four of my nephews and my daughter.


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