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Like a ton of bricks

I am literally just waking up from being in a horrible fog.  When I tell you I felt like I had a HORRIBLE case of malaria the last 36 hours, I WISH I was exaggerating. 

I felt like I’d gotten a cold, because Tuesday at work I was sneezing, nose running & clogged up, I was tired, and had a slight headache.  Figured it could also just be my allergies flaring up with the weather being all over the place.

Tuesday night was worse.. Everything exacerbated and I also randomly got an earache pretty badly in my left ear.  I literally kept a piece of garlic in my ear the whole night.  But I was slowly getting worse.  

In the morning when my fiance got off his graveyard shift, he told me NOT TO go to work if I was feeling like last night (I think he could see it in my face).  I said I was just going to try, I HATE missing work and feeling like I am leaving more for others to do, especially if it is not pre-planned. 


Went to work and from the moment I got in the car and drove there, I knew it was a bad decision.  My head began pounding & I was at full migraine now.  I had no appetite, my jaw, my neck, my face, my eyes, even my teeth hurt.  Where was all of this coming from? My co-worker immediately commented on how I did not look well.  Damn, second person cannot be wrong.  Tried to push through as there were two things that definitely needed to get done today & I was able to do that.  Not even an hour into work, I had to tell my boss I felt horrible & she suggested that I leave & take care of myself. 

Clocked out & when I got to the car, I just sat there in the warmth because I was soooo cold and I was also light-headed and almost in a fog, I was not happy about driving home in that state.  I told myself to drive slowly and I will be ok.  Made it home and shivering, got to my front door.  I ripped off my clothing, put on jammies, and robe, and put the scarf back on, put on my long thick socks and climbed under all the blankets.  I lay there shivering trying to fall asleep for over a hour.  I was shaking uncontrollably, and with all those layers, STILL unable to get warm.  Could fall asleep because my face was hurting and my head was pounding.  It was very miserable.  I finally fall asleep at some point and lay in the dark room all day, only up to use the bathroom & sat up to drink water.  I could not eat, each time I reached for the banana I opened up that morning, I felt like I was going to upchuck & had to put it right back down. 

This horrible cycle repeated until 8pm & I finally forced myself to stay up for a few minutes and walked over to the couch, where I laid back down & 1/2 interacted with my daughter.  She seemed confused as she looked at me laying there in the dark.  Not holding and hugging her like I always do.  Couldn’t tell her how weak I felt, how my body seems to have a mind of its own, how mommy does not want to pass to her WHATEVER this is plaguing my body.

Finally got up the strength to eat half a bowl of food I had to coach my fiance through making & send hopefully a coherent email to supervisor I would not be in the next day.  Shortly thereafter, I made my way back to bed to sleep through the night until almost noon today.

The migraine, face pain, earache, and chills have seemed to subside and I am just left with a headache, clogged nose, bouts of sneezing, and general fatigue.  Hopefully I will continue to get better through the day and will probably take another nap here shortly.  I serious had not felt this bad w/ all of these symptoms since I had malaria during my travels in Meritah (Afrika).  I am so thankful the worst has seemed to pass & looking forward to getting back to myself.

>Respectfully submitted<<    ~Mai


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