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#Igot5onit99 | Day.82 | Parenthood… Motherhood… 18 month-old ninja

Oh man… this little girl is on a roll…

So, I get a text from the fiance while I am at work.  Apparently, she had climbed on her toy box, onto her clothing drawers, and pulled the screen off of the window.  So, he said we need to re-arrange her room ASAP.  No doubt, so I take out the toy box & rearrange her room as soon as I get home & then take her out to the park by the coastline. 

She was NOT having it, she did not want to play with the other children, did not want me to put her down.  If I even moved my hands on her back, she gripped me with both hands and squeezed herself into me.  This happened about 10 times.  Fed her, changed her, tried putting her down, she grabbed my legs and begun pulling my pants down she was pulling so hard.  We went back to the car and I just let her chill in her car seat, windows down, jazz music on.  Never will I wake her up from a nap to go to the park, lesson learned.

But wait!  There’s more..

Come home, she eats again, change her again, then put her down because the only nap she had all day was less than 30 minutes long and the whining at the park let me know she is reaching levels of fatigue reserved for parenthood.  She is chitter chattering, babbling for a good 45 minutes and then we do not hear anything, WHEW she is asleep! Wrong..

A few minutes later we hear a light thud, I look at my hubby and said was that here (in our home)?  He said naw, it was next door.  Shrug it off and continue talking.  Moments later, our bedroom door is pushed open which scares the living SHIT out of me.  I’m getting angry thinking one of us left our front door open and someone had the audacity to walk in.  Wrong again..

Here comes a clothing-less & smiling little girl who walks over to the computer and starts banging on the keyboard.  My jaw drops & I know my eyes are HUGE.  I rush over to her, she is smiling and laughing – check for knots and I do not see or feel any.  It was clearly her that the sound came from, but luckily with the arrangement of her room and her alphabet squares floor mat, her fall must have been broken.  I am just in shock and scared out of my mind.

How the hell did she do that?

Where are her clothes?

Did she poop / pee everywhere?

Are there bumps / knots / bruises / scratches somewhere?

What if this had happened in the middle of the night while we were asleep? 

OK, I TRULY have to completely baby proof the home, because this is serious business now.

Of course after the shock wears off, I take her back to the room and I see that she stacked up her mat and blanket and with her extra 6+ inches, she was able to get out.  But wait, how exactly did she do it?  I had to know.. so, I put her back in and low and behold she immediately got up & almost fell face forward out of it again.  Not sure if that made it better or worse for me, because if she did it this way the first time, I’m pretty sure she landed on her head in some way, shape, or form.

I took out her extra thick blanket to see if that would make a difference?  Nope, she just pulled herself up with more of her strength in her arms this time, relying less on her height advantage.


I thought we had another 6 months before we started having to LOOK for a bed, but as soon as I get back from the gym in the morning, we need to find one ASAP and get it this weekend.

Now, I cannot even shower until she is fully asleep because if not, I am pretty sure she will walk in and try to hop in along with me now.

Parenthood… Motherhood… 18 month-old ninja.

>> Respectfully submitted<<     ~Mai

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