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#Igot5onit99 | Day.79

Workout & the majority of my physical therapy stretches completed!  The brown rice and curry are both almost done as well.  I feel amazing getting everything done early, now I have time to actually clean the floors, read, do my hair, or just even relax (baby girl just went down for a nap).  After the day I had a couple days ago, this is a nice balancing day 🙂

In other news, just 20 more days left in this challenge!  Man, then I am going to have to find something else to write about, lol.  I am still doing my monthly book challenge, and I think I am going to take the organization of our home once I complete this class in June.  Maybe at that time, I will document my process through that?

I am also looking to transition to more formal “lessons / activities” with baby girl as she has shown for a few months that she understands what I am telling / asking her and following a good portion of the commands I am giving her (bring mama the cup, pick up your blanket, sit down so you can eat, come to the bathroom for a bath / to go potty, etc.)

After much consideration, I have decided to not put my child out there for modeling… yet.  I will revisit the idea when she is 2 or 3 to see if it is something we want to move forward with.  I do not want to further distract my time & energy from my business ventures I am knee deep in, nor do I think it is a good time for my daughter.  If there are any parents reading this, would you (or have you already…) put your child/children in auditions under age 2?  Why / why not? 

Shower time, then it is book in hand & pillow under head. 

2018 = 5 million!!!

Second half of challenge totals:

  • 580 each of: 
    • push ups
    • squats
    • calf raises
    • (seconds) holding plank
    • (seconds) holding yoga pose
  • 220 minutes stretching
  • 140 minutes deep breathing

Totals for day 79/99:

  • 1220 push-ups (+2 for the “Level up” #1)
  • 1220 squats & 180 seconds holding seated squat
  • 350 plank rotations (+20 for the “Level Up #2)
  • 780 seconds holding forearm plank
  • 950+ seconds holding yoga pose (Tittibhasana)
  • 840 calf raises
  • 335 minutes of deep breathing (+20 for the “Level Up #3)
  • 250 minutes of stretching

Level Up #1 | Level Up #2 | Level Up #3 | Level Up #4 | Level Up #5 | Level Up #6 |      Level Up #7| Level Up #8 | 

>>Respectfully submitted & Always thankful<<    ~Mai

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