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What’s for Dinner? Quick Breakfast!

Sometimes, you just want breakfast for dinner.  And my fiance LOVES breakfast, so meh… Why not try a recipe that I saw on Pintrest (Click Here!).  I ob course edited it since we only do eggs & fish for meat, so I roasted red bell peppers, sauteed some shallots, added garlic, cut up some fresh basil, green onions and vegan cheese (pictured below).


While I was doing the above, the tater tots were cooking halfway in the oven.  Once completed, I then smashed them down to form the bottom.


Next, I added the shallots and bell peppers, a small scoop of the eggs, then the fresh basil, green onions, garlic.  I then added another layer of eggs & then the cheese.


Picture of his plate from the side.  I also made us some fresh squeezed blood orange juice to help cut the richness of the eggs.


Picture of my plate from the top, it was quite delish!


>Respectfully submitted<<    ~Mai


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