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#Igot5onit99 | Day.42

Yay! Today’s challenge was easy because I was able to hit the gym with my mother!  Although I did not do all the exercises in my challenge below, the added leg weight day & 10 minutes fast pedal on the bike was more than my daily challenge anyway.  Still added up the numbers below, but I have a financial meeting in a few. 

It is always awesome spending time with my mother (mama bear).  Growing up and most of my adulthood, I always knew how much I am my father’s twin (especially in physically – we could never deny our relation!), the more I talk to my mother as the years pass, I realize that I am such an intricate amalgamation of them both, for better and for worse.  I see so much of my mother in me – sometimes it brings me to tears, the way that learning more about your core self can.  I am so humbled to have such an amazing set of parents that actually RAISED me, taught me, loved me, built me up, molded me while allowing me to develop into my unique expression of myself, and always supported me. I can only aim to mirror that for my current and future children.

Check back a little later 🙂

Totals for day 42/99:

  • 530 push-ups (+2 for the “Level up” #1)
  • 520 squats
    • 150 seconds holding seated squat
  • 320 plank rotations (+20 for the “Level Up #2)
    • 105 seconds holding forearm plank
  • 360+ seconds holding yoga pose (Tittibhasana)
  • 180 calf raises
  • 175 minutes of deep breathing (+20 for the “Level Up #3)
  • 15 minutes of stretching

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>>Respectfully submitted & Always thankful<<    ~Mai

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