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Today on #igot5onit99, Day 25

Today has been such a beautiful day outside, I hate feeling like I have wasted such a beautiful day inside of a cold building attempting to control the temperature when I could step outside and have my body automatically realign.  The struggle of an anemic person who also loves the sun is soooo real…

In other news…

I  have been contemplating all day about doing my entire workout.  I am currently struggling through the back & forth argument of “listen to your body & do what you can do” and the “it is your challenge, you created it, you cannot miss a day!”


So yesterday during work, my right wrist was hurting a bit (I am a typist at a law firm), but it was just a little bit.  I am unsure if you all are familiar with how files are kept at law firms? Let’s just say, most of them require two hands, and some are best to just push around on a cart.  Well, I began lifting one with my right hand alone and I felt a little twinge & a bit more pressure (I should have known better).  It is also part of the reason my post was short last night, just to rest it further.

But I wake up this morning and my wrist is not happy with me & at work I am working on a few hours worth of records summaries (which in dictation translates to x2 to x3 the amount of time to type especially with crazy medical terms!) in between the letters & pleadings.  So at this point, I have not really had the opportunity to give my wrist the real rest that it needs.  


I am sitting here waiting for baby girl’s food to get warm, figuring out if I am going to make us a salad or grab food for dinner, and contemplating if I should put pressure on my wrists in the form of my daily push-ups, plank rotations & hold, and yoga pose?  Or, should I swallow my pride, listen to my body, and maybe just double-up on the squats & deep breathing for today?  I have the level-up challenge coming up this weekend, but its also three days off to rest my wrist away from work. Please comment to weigh in on your thoughts or what you would  personally do today, totals up through yesterday are below.

Totals for day 25/99:

  • 315 push-ups (+2 for the “Level up” #1)
  • 315 squats
    • 30 seconds holding seated squat
  • 195 plank rotations (+20 for the “Level Up #2)
    • 30 seconds holding forearm plank
  • 220+ seconds holding yoga pose (Tittibhasana)
  • 120 minutes of deep breathing

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>Respectfully submitted & Always thankful<<    ~Mai

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