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#igot5onit99 | Day 14

Having gotten back late in the day yesterday from our L.A. trip, I woke up really late this a.m. and was unable to complete my work out first thing this morning.  Instead, I needed to get up and get breakfast ready for baby girl.  I told myself I would do it after I ate.

The meal came and went and I knew that I should let my food digest before I workout.  Food digested, washed dishes, and I showered.  Well dang, I can’t workout RIGHT after I showered, I am going to take her outside for a little bit to enjoy the sun.  I mean, how many places in the U.S. are sunny and warm smack dab in the middle of winter? I am going to take advantage of that.  

Came back, and needed to feed her & figure out our next meal as well.  Obviously I had to let my food digest again before I exercised, duh.

So, I decided to complete this book, because I also had a goal to finish a book a month, we are just a few days from February, and I only had 30 pages left.  Boom, finished.  O.K., let me write this blog and then I will… oh, she is awake from her nap.  Let me try to get her food ready & then also finish this blog. Dang, let me wash dishes again also. 

O.k. she is fed, let me focus on this blo… oh, you want to run in and out of mommy’s room, type on the keyboard too, oh, play with the filing cabinet, oh, knock over the lamp, oh, you want mama to hold you.  Oh great, thanks Nui for getting her, I am just going to finish this blog. *grumbling stomach*  Nui, you hungry? Ok, let me go cook…

Now, my food needs to digest.  Let me change her, play with her, read to her.  She is playing now, my food should be digested shortly.  Let me clear the table, put the food away, get these dishes situated.  Now, it is getting late, she needs to be put to bed. Ahhh she is put down now.

Here is is 10:15 p.m. and just now getting to this workout.

I have learned my lesson (which I knew from the jump, hence doing it in the a.m.), make sure I complete the workout before my mind has a chance to swindle me into choosing comfort and a thousand other things over Just. Getting. It. Done.


Day#14 was (almost not) a success!  1.28.18 = Complete

  • Most Difficult:  Getting motivated to doing the workout.  Lesson learned, ensure I keep doing it first thing in the a.m.
  • Currently Feeling: Pretty good, my back issues have been at bay for the most part, missing my chiropractic adjustments & hope that as I continue working out and getting my core stronger, the back issues minimize or disappear altogether.

Totals for day 14/99:

  • 165 push-ups (+2 for the “Level up)
  • 165 squats
  • 95 plank rotations
  • 95 seconds holding yoga pose (Tittibhasana)
  • 70 minutes of deep breathing

>Respectfully submitted & Always thankful<<    ~Mai

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