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#igot5onit99 | Day5, Birthday Edition!

I’m on my way outta town to celebrate my birthday and cross something off of my “bucket list.”

We are going to see a live orchestra & I am thankful to have this opportunity. To be honest, nothing about this day went as planned and there were serious moments of frustration. I went to bed around 2am, woke up late, rushed in the morning, got picked up late after work, left 3 hours later than planned… but all those things are trivial.

When I think about having a home full of caring people and positivity. Having relatively good health and the resources to get closer to that everyday, such as this challenge! My co-workers surprising me with lunch, my mother watching my daughter for free and spending quality time teaching and supporting her development. Having the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with my fiance, something that has been in limited supply since our daughter arrived.

On top of that, I have an amazing support system in my personal growth and development both from a fitness and business perspective.

So, I was able to turn the frustration into acceptance and enjoy my last hour with baby girl before we headed out! It can be too easy to forget the blessings when focused on a little hiccup that is designed to teach a lesson. I am thankful to have an easygoing and level headed partner that reminds me to chill the Fuddruckers out and that everything is o.k.!

In other news…

We are going to get my favorite Ethiopian food tonight and I am too stoked, it has been a while! I will show you all pictures on another post 😁

Today was a success 1.19.18 = Complete


50 push-ups

50 squats

25 plank rotations

25 seconds holding yoga pose

25 minutes of deep breathing

>>Respectfully submitted & Extra Thankful for another Year! << ~Mai

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