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#igot5onit99 | Day#4

Today was a very cloudy and cool day and I wonder if it contributed to my level of sluggishness?  Well today’s exercises went well, except I noticed (maybe also due to the weather), I have been feeling my left knee a lot more lately.  I have been slacking on getting that physical therapy appointment confirmed – let’s add that to the list of things to do …soon-ish…  

I have had this feeling lately that there is going to be a huge event happen in my life and I cannot tell if it is going to be (immediately) positive or challenging (delayed positivity), so I am just trying to go about my day and focus on the present.  Not focusing on any of that at this moment in time because I am only putting positive things out in the atmosphere in the form of gratitude for having successfully completed 31 years as of early tomorrow morning.  When I was just a child, I never understood why adults always commented on “how time flies” because back then, time always seemed to go pretty slowly. 

Fast forward to today at work.  The office manager was playing music, and a song that I recalled hearing almost DAILY while we were swimming in the summertime came on.  It brought me back instantly.  The overly bleached water, closing my nostrils with my fingers and jumping into a back flip in the pool.  When did that song come out? Oh, just 1997! Has 21 years already passed since then? After a lively conversation about time, the past, genres of music, I just sat there captivated by the flooded memories of my “youth.”  I cannot believe how it seemed like that was just a blink ago – while at the same time memories of instances that seemed like they would never end (being in trouble, eating veggies, being sick) too populated the cranium.  

Well, here’s to another beautiful day with the family and an opportunity to take a quick nap before jumping on trip preparations.


Progress | 1.18.18 = Completed!

Biggest struggle: Waking up today! I just kept on pressing that snooze button.

I am feeling: Tired and behind in packing and getting ready for this trip.

Totals after day 4/99:

  1. 40 push-ups
  2. 40 squats
  3. 20 plank rotations
  4. 20 seconds holding the firefly pose (Tittibhasana)
  5. 20 minutes of deep breathing

Respectfully submitted & Always thankful<<   ~Mai

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