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Ink on Trees

Current Reads | Jan.2018

I have a mini-goal to read 1 book a month.  I see my daughter go through 20 books a day (granted, she is not reading them all, simply turning the pages, but still…). I told myself, I HAVE to do better.  And the thing about it, I really enjoy reading & do not know why I got away from it.  Literally, as I type this, who comes running into the room and puts a book on my lap?


Well, I started out strong this month and have gotten carried away with other goals, but I am going to finish this one! I am on page 99 of 201 of the book, “Efuru” (pictured at top).  It reminds me how important it is to travel and immerse yourself into other cultures to experience and learn.  I spent about a total of half a year in Meritah (known as Africa) and had I not had this point of reference, I could not visualize some of the imagery painted within the story:

“Please bring a better mat for the mudroom…”
“Nwosu broke the kola, took a piece and passed it to his wife…”

These passages and the remainder of the book, remind me of my times in Mertiah chewing on kola nut for different festivities and laying on the mat resting after a long trip, or finishing cleaning the kitchen after a meal, or before a ceremony.


I look forward to more travels in the future and sharing my past travels.  Until then, I still have a couple more weeks to finish this book!

>>Respectfully submitted and Always thankful<<   ~Mai

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