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#igot5onit99 | Day#3

Solidifying the Habit!

According to this app that I recently started using (Fabulous I think…) it speaks about making something a habit by completing the activity three days in a row.  I am very pleased to have had a successful third day at this challenge.  What’s even better, my family is right there alongside me (shoutout to Chelsea really staying on top of it!).  No but for real, the support & accountability is life changing.

Not only did I complete my #igot5onit99 challenge, I was able to finish off the last day of my free 1 week gym pass by destroying my legs.  To add insult to injury, you exit the building and have to travel DOWNSTAIRS to the parking lot.  When I tell you that jelly does nothing to describe the state of my legs, hopefully it is a better picture of where my body is at right now.  I think what put it over the top was the 4 sets of squat holds I did, but with a 10-15 lb medicine ball. Why?  Then, I also had to use the restroom, but why does this matter?  Oh right, because I squat & do not sit on public toilets.  So, in short – I feel accomplished & scared at the same time, will I be able to walk tomorrow? 

Random Google image to show exercise…

I think a huge trial for me is going to be maintaining my daily challenge this weekend when I am out of town.  If anyone has any tips, I would LOVE to hear them.  Leaving out right outta work on Friday 🙂

Today’s Workout:

I started with several minutes of biking as hard as I could pedal, then I did 4 sets of 8 reps on the machines pictured below.  I ended with the weighted wall squats (above) & deep stretching.

Another trend I have been noticing on the social media platform is this push towards not following people that make you feel less than, deflated, unmotivated, etc.  It is very curious how this seems to be trending (at least around my small bubble & close connections), because it is such a good opportunity to look at balance.  On one hand, no – you do not want to be obsessive about the next person, or rather, anyone outside of yourself and what is going on in their lives.  This is especially true when you realize that many people only post their “bests.”  Their best photo out of the 60+ they took.  The best meals they decided to make/eat that week.  The best time they had at a specific location / vacation.  But in reality, you do not know the “L’s” they took to get to that “best,” or even how truthful that “best” is.  Additionally, basing your feelings and actions on your perception of another’s facade (more often than not), is unhealthy and illogical. 

Alternatively, it is always good to find healthy ways to motivate yourself, and sometimes, for some people – seeing others push themselves can be turned into motivation while they work on that intrinsic drive. It can serve as a reminder about what you could or should be doing.  It may make you want to tap into that thing you said you were going to do yesterday, last month, last year even.  Other times, it reminds you to reach out to them or provide a few words to motivate them, and in return, they may do the same for you when you need it. 

For me, I think I have been able to strike a good balance these days.  I have started to follow a few pages based on vegan / plant based nutrition, fitness pages, spirituality focused individuals, and truly following the growth of a few friends and family members whose stories, strength, and resolve motivate me.  I have also recruited a few people to join me & through this we are motivating one another with nutrition, fitness, and finances (nod to you Lahrell!).  I am far from my “best” and will keep my head down as I strive to seek it out.  

Progress | 1.17.18 = Completed!

Biggest struggle: Trying to focus on being present in the activity instead of thinking about all of the things I needed to do before leaving to work.  I am feeling: Awesome, supported, motivated!

Totals after day 3/99:

  1. 30 push-ups
  2. 30 squats
  3. 15 plank rotations
  4. 15 seconds holding the firefly (Tittibhasana) pose
  5. 15 minutes of deep breathing

Respectfully submitted & Always thankful<<   ~Mai

Me After today’s getting downstairs from the gym post-workout!

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