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#igot5onit99 | Day#1


If you read my initial post about this – you have an idea of what this is about.  This is a new challenge I made up for myself, and successfully recruited 3 accountability partners.  Everyone is choosing their own spin on it – but the goal is the same: Complete (at least) a set of “5” everyday for 99 days.  It can be 5 total, 5 sets, 5 seconds, or even 5 minutes.  I am being joined by my fiance (shout out to my #1 supporter!) Nui, my baby sis (1st cousins) Janay, and my sister-in-love, Chelsea (shout out for already completing yours early this morning, keep it up!).


I have been wanting to get back active for a LONG time, but only recently through this 10-day fast which ended yesterday, have I been able to remove the mind block and just do it! I have chosen to begin very slowly, & sharing my struggles and progress to help keep me accountable and motivated.  So Nui, Janay, Chelsea – your participation is HUGE for me and I appreciate your love and support.  

I have chosen to do 5 different exercises that are very very simple & they will get elevated at the weeks go on, to make sure I am still pushing myself.  In my daily #igot5onit99 posts, I will share when I finished, the biggest struggle, how I feel, and the totals.  For reference, these are what I have chosen:

  1. 5×2 (10) Push Ups  Push ups
  2. 5×2 (10) Squatssquats
  3. 5 plank rotations (going from full plank to resting forearm planks and back up = 1) plank-1
  4. 5 seconds holding the firefly (Tittibhasana) pose 
  5. 5 minutes of deep breathing 

1.15.18 = Completed

Biggest struggle: Squats, still MAJORLY sore from leg day.  I am feeling: Sore all over, but motivated and excited to continue and see where it takes me!  I still have random back pains that come & goes as it pleases that I am always careful to listen to as I complete my structured sessions.

Totals after day 1/99:

  1. 10 pushups
  2. 10 squats
  3. 5 plank rotations
  4. 5 seconds holding the firefly (Tittibhasana) pose
  5. 5 minutes of deep breathing

Now, time to go prep dinner for the family and enjoy their company.  May your worries fall dormant, your minds embrace peace, and your body exude strength in all things.


>Respectfully submitted<<   ~Mai


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