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The Aftermath

Saturday | Day#9 was pretty good, mostly because I woke up for the day around 1pm.  Yes, I woke up super late, so the waking time I was fasting was pretty slim.  So that struggle was more manageable.  But… these legs? The picture says it all…

We had our monthly sushi day with the family (cousins & siblings), so naturally over the course of the meal, I needed to relieve myself.  Something you should know about me is, I actually do not sit on ANYONE’s toilet outside of my own simply because I know how often and how well it it cleaned, and those so called seat protectors only go so far:

  • Depending on how deep the bowl is, too much pee, dropping the used toilet tissue, or if you should have to drop a deuce, can all have the unfortunate effect of back splash up to your sacred areas.  No thank you!
  • They are so flimsy, as you go to sit on top of it, some random bathroom “whoosh” of air could remove your set protector just as you were sitting, leaving your exposed underside to battle with the toilet grit.  No thank you!
  • There could be some unfriendly liquid situation (toilet splash, urine, diarrhea, blood, snot, or combination of the aforementioned), on the sides of the toilet, so putting the seat protector on that simply soaks up the liquid, which then still makes its way on your bare buttocks and backside.

Moral of the story is whenever I hit the public restroom, it is a quick 30-60 second workout where I squat low enough to get it all in, but high enough to not accidentally glide skin on the cold infested porcelain or be too close for a possible back splash.  I have been doing this for YEARS, even through my pregnancy (not easy…), so it is typically no problem.  Today though? PROBLEM.  When I tell you I felt my legs clench and I felt my body wanting to give out – I had never pushed out and wiped so fast in my life.  A split second later and I would not have made it.  I never felt more accomplished even after two degrees, making it to 30 with no legal record, and giving birth naturally with no medication after 36 grueling hours.  Well, that was an exaggeration – but you get my point. 

So, here is to another day, another work-out, another small feat, and to keep pushing – even when all odds are against you.

Toilet = 0 & Mai = 1


>Respectfully & Humbly Submitted<<    ~Mai



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